Being one of the most comprehensive

Estate Agency Awards in the UK

helps provide some serious consumer benefits.

The consumer has never had a wider choice of estate agents, not to mention the relatively recent addition of the online agent and so it can often prove a monumental task when deciding which estate agent to work with. Many consumers invite three or more agents out to their property and make their judgement based on the valuation price, the agents fee or if they bond with one of the agents. This is however a relatively flawed method of judging an agency in most situations. Some agents have been known to overvalue property to get property on their books and the fee charged can often reflect the service level you receive. The agencies who provide the best service usually have higher costs such as additional staff levels to ensure their clients get the right levels of service, thus the lowest fee agent may struggle to provide the service levels that you may need. Lastly, judging an agency on which agent you bond with can be flawed as the person who comes to value your property is normally one part of a much larger team and they may not the person who deals with your property on a daily basis moving forward.

This is one of the driving forces behind The British Property Awards as every member of the team has either owned or worked in an estate agency previously and we believe strongly that the consumer should have more information when choosing an agent. The decision of which agent to go with should not be taken lightly as you could be tied into an agreement for up to 16 weeks or more. Although we do not directly endorse any agencies, our award could be used as part of the decision making process when deciding which agent to proceed with.

We believe that we provide the most comprehensive award as we do not merely rely on customer reviews from successful sales. This method, we believe to be flawed for a number of reasons, one being that clients who have not sold, invariably the most disgruntled clients, aren’t able to put their opinions forward. Conversely, our independent team of experts assesses your local market and judges every estate agent (which meets basic requirements) over 25 different criteria to obtain a fair assessment of their overall performance. We then award the agency which we believe has performed outstandingly in the given period. Furthermore, we will not award any agency within a town should a minimum standard not be reached.